Diesel Mechanic Trade

ITI in Diesel Mechanic Engine is one of the best ITI courses in Machinery or vehicles like Motor, Tractor, Truck, Bus, Trains, Bike, etc. It is a vacation course that covers various aspects of diesel engines like making alignments & adjustments, maintaining pieces of equipment operating in diesel, and correcting deficiencies in vehicles, etc. ITI in Mechanic Diesel Engine course provides a secure career in government and private organizations due to its high career orienting nature.

Mechanic Diesel : can learn about diesel engine fundamentals and power generation. The trainees have to participate in hands-on work and begin repairing diesel engine vehicles. Mechanic, Diesel Engine; Oil Engine, Fitter repairs services and overhauls diesel or oil engines for efficient performance as prime mover to drive machinery and equipment. Examine engine to locate defects, using various tools and instruments. Dismantles or partly dismantles it to remove damaged or worn out parts and replaces or repairs them.

Grinds valve and assembles parts, doing supplementary tooling and other functions as necessary to ensure accuracy of fit. Installs assembled or repaired engine in position and connects pulley or wheel to propulsion system. Starts engine, tunes it up and observes performance noting different meter readings such as temperature, fuel level, oil pressure, etc. and sets it to specified standard for optimum performance. Checks, adjusts and lubricates engine periodically and performs such other functions to keep engine in good working order. May solder or braze parts and service diesel fuel pumps and injectors.

Additionally, since diesel engines are starting to incorporate electronic components, programs usually give students a chance to take courses in electrical systems and computer diagnostic software. Plan and organize assigned work and detect & resolve issues during execution in his own work area within defined limit. Demonstrate possible solutions and agree tasks within the team. Communicate with required clarity and understand technical English. Sensitive to environment, self-learning and productivity.

Genera Information

Name of the Trade Duration of Training Eligibility Qualification
Mechanic (Diesel)  1 Years Passed 10th class examination under 10+2 System of education with Science and Mathematics subjects or its equivalent.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Engine Course Duration

ITI Diesel Mechanic Engine is a 1-year course related to the operation and management of diesel fuel-based machinery and engines. The course includes academics and practical classes. After the completion of the 1-year program, students can start working in various places such as Assembly line, Automobile manufacturing, Engine repair, Machine operation, Pump operation, etc.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Engine Course Syllabus

ITI in Mechanic Diesel Engine course syllabus is primarily based upon the maintenance and repairing of the diesel-based engine attached to machinery or automobile. Following subjects will cover in the ITI Diesel Mechanic Engine course:-

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Operational safety
  • Basic computer
  • Skills Hand and Power Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • General English
  • Practical Skills

ITI Diesel Mechanic Engine Scope Prospects

Diesel Mechanics are those mechanics who are involved in repairing, maintenance, and rebuilding diesel engines that power buses, trucks, ships, trains, and other vehicles. India is the 3rd largest road network in the world. The total number of vehicles in the fiscal year 2017 stood at 253 million. India is the best place for Diesel Mechanics in terms of a high salary package, scope prospects, and for self business as well.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Engine Job Specialization

  • Pump Operator
  • Tool Handler
  • Automobile Mechanic
  • Machine Operator
  • Engine Mechanic

ITI Diesel Mechanic Engine Job Opportunities

  • Service stations
  • Independent repair shops
  • Vehicle service stations
  • Vehicle parts wholesalers and distributors
  • Bus and transport companies
  • Organizations that maintain their vehicles
  • Government departments
  • Carbonated soft-drink Industry
  • Self-employment with enough experience and capital

ITI Diesel Mechanic Engine Salary Package

ITI Diesel Mechanic Engine is not only for a high salary package it is also a great option of self business, but mechanics can also work as an Automobile Mechanic, Machine Operator, and Engine Mechanic, etc. As per the report of pay scale, the average salary for a Diesel Mechanic is above 2 lakhs based upon the country, skills, and work profile.